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Modern Botanicals
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Taking the confusion out of cannabis


Whether it’s joy, calm, focus, or energy Florence products are designed to deliver exactly what you’re seeking. Our intuitive applications and dosing make it easy to fit cannabis into your daily regimen. By clearly breaking down what’s in each product, we take the guesswork out so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Florence promises high-quality, wellness-focused undeniably clean cannabis for your everyday life. No matter how you choose to enjoy Florence - oil, flower, vape, powder, and beyond - all Florence products are of exceptional quality, ethically produced, and deliver the unparalleled purity that you demand.


Florence is a high-touch immersive destination, a cannabis boutique. Florence is a place of discovery. Schedule a private consultation with one of our exceptionally trained guides, attend a women’s wellness event, come in and explore, or take a cannabis 101 class. With Florence you’ll get clear guidance every step of the way. Let’s make your every day better, together.

Stores opening in Portland, LA and Nevada in 2019. Want to meet Florence sooner? Our guides are traveling the US hosting pop-ups in your favorite places. We want to meet you, right where you are.